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Fountainhead Focus was created as a way for fans to stay up to date with their favorite artists in the music scene. Written by fans, our two-person creative staff strives to help bridge the gap that so often falls between bands/creators and their fans.

Alyssa King, our photographer extraordinaire, has photographed bands such as: Nevada Color, Motionless In White, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, The Neighbourhood, and various artists at the Van’s Warped Tour. Her work was featured on Point Park University’s website and The Entertainment Institute’s (TEI) social media accounts. She also works camera operation for a variety of Point Park University’s television shows.

Mackenzie Sugrue, writer and founder, has worked in the music journalism field for the last four years. She worked as a freelance writer for a Pittsburgh-based entertainment website where she covered art galleries, concert ticket giveaways, and artist features. Additionally, she co-hosts an alternative radio station “Steel City Soundtrack,” and is the editor-in-chief of Point Park University’s chapter of Odyssey.

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